Monday, 3 May 2010

Plan Awry.

Well! ..It was one of those days when things did not go according to plan.
The alarm sounded at the crack of dawn and we were on our way to Welltown Manor close to Boscastle hoping to catch sight of the American Vagrant.. White Throated Sparrow that had been showing well yesterday.
Unfortunately for us and all the other early risers the bird had not read the script and did not show.
After three and half hours watching we gave up and headed off to Walmsley Sanctuary. Very Little was seen and the only really notable bird was the Wood Sandpiper which was a Year tick for me.

Although bird wise it was a disaster sort of day....neither of us took a single was not all doom and gloom.
At the Manor we met Monts (The Lanner Janner) and his friend Mark. Although over the last year we have often commented on each others blogs we have never met until today. It was nice putting a face to the Blog Monts.

I would also like to thank the owner of Welltown Manor for allowing us access to his property...a true gentleman who even apologised to Angie and myself for the non appearance of the bird during our visit.
Thank you Sir.


  1. That is a blow Trevor, don't go making the plan, well I think so.

  2. As I just said to Monty, what a disappointment! I have just seen a photo of it on another blog and a very pretty little bird it is too.

  3. Hi Trevor and Angie yes that was a great pity yesterday. still it was very nice to meet you both and sure we will do it again. I agree John the owner of the Manor could not have been more accommodating. Still some you win and some you lose roll on the next one.

  4. Hi Bob. Well we have to suffer the odd reversal to appreciate when it all goes according to plan.

  5. Hello Jan. Yes it does fall into that category compared to our Sparrows. Still cannot see what is not there and I firmly believe the bird has flown the coop.

  6. Hi Monts... out of darkness cometh light. Although we all dipped it was not all gloom...hardly likely now to forget where we met Monty and of course the Manor House was a tranquil setting even if it was bloody cold.
    Hope we meet up again during the summer months.


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