Saturday, 1 May 2010

Getting Closer.

Eurasian Jay......Garrulus glandarius.
The Jay landed in a tree adjacent to where I had parked ...I managed a quick burst of shots and it was game over as he flew off into the wood . I am still hoping he will land on the ground close by .


  1. Tricky little blighters these Trevor. That's a great capture.
    I'm still trying lol

  2. The Jay is different than other birds, all winter, they become more illusive but, at feeding their young, they get more active.

  3. Hi Trevor, I haven't seen a Jay for sometime and never managed a photo, you did well!

    You have featured some lovely pics in the last few days. I particularly liked the Wren, I find them very difficult to photograph well but yours is a beauty :)

  4. Hi Keith. I was pleased with it considering it was a grab shot. They are very wary indeed.

  5. Hi Bob.

    This one can often be spotted in his area of the woods ..but it is the lap of the Gods if you can see it for more than a few seconds. I got lucky I think.

  6. Hi Jan.

    The Jay is really difficult and I think a lot of luck is involved. Now the Wren. I see them most days I visit the Swamp Area of St Andrews Pool and just lately they have been perching long enough to get a decent image. Last year I hardly saw one.

  7. ElvisS_Scholten0188

    Thank you for your comment and welcome to the blog.


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