Monday, 26 April 2010

Great Spotted Woodpecker...Cropped

I agree with Adrian...the crop from the left has given a more pleasing image to the eye.
Anyone else who would like to comment on the merits of the two photographs feel free to do so.


  1. Now if we could just have the bird a couple of inches to the an interesting clone job!!! It is a grand image as it is.

  2. I like the crop. It actually focuses the composition more on the bird than showing the entire scene. The posture of the bird also plays into it's location in the scene, creating a visual line that draws the eye to the bird.

  3. Another vote for the cropped version Trevor

  4. El picapinos es una de las aves más bellas del medio forestal. Una buena foto de la especie.



  5. Perfect, the subject is framed by the branches and rule of the thirds has been applied.

  6. It's great to be back Trevor :)

    I like both but think the crop has the edge. I've had a quick look back at some of the photos I missed and as always they are lovely. It was great to see the Wryneck (I realise it was from last year), I have never seen one apart from in books but have always wanted to, such a strange little bird.

  7. One crop too many Adrian ;-)

  8. Hello Sarah.

    Welcome to the blog.
    I agree with what you say entirely.

  9. Hi Keith.

    Yes sometimes you can get away with breaking the rules...this was not one of them.

  10. Hi Lourdes y Jesus

    Muchas gracias en verdad. Sus comentarios son muy apreciados.

  11. Hello Sam and Lisa.

    Yes ..back to convention and it pays. The cropped image is definitely superior.

  12. 鍾FeR_Quade0426.

    Thanks for your comment...and hello.

  13. Hi Jan.

    It is nice to see you back again.
    A very strange bird indeed....September is the time to see one if you are lucky...which I hope you will be.


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