Friday, 5 February 2010

Goldcrest Again.

Yes the good news is the Goldcrest was seen at lunchtime today. He..( I am sure it is a male) stayed around long enough for me to fetch the bins and follow him about the garden. Early on in the morning I saw two birds feeding on one of our feeders..they looked to me like a Greenfinch and a Siskin. The larger bird flew off before I could get much of a look but the smaller bird seemed Thrush like with a pale streaked belly. We generally have Siskin visit us around this time in the year so I am going to add it to the garden list along with the Greenfinch which was the first one seen this year .


  1. A fantastic little bird, but I have not seen one this winter.

  2. Yes I agree Bob. I thought we had lost him after the cold weather spell...I was really pleased when I saw him again so we have managed to keep him and the Firecrest.


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