Sunday, 24 January 2010

Year List Hits One Hundred.

A very good days birding today.

First up was a Raven around the Cambourne area of the A30.
Second was the Whooper Swan at Drift.
Third came the mixed flock of Lapwing and Grey Plover in a field close to Sennen.
Fourth was the Long-tailed Duck in Sennen Bay.
Fifth was the capture of the Cattle Egrets at Brew Farm Sennen. We dipped on them earlier missing them by minutes.
Six came at Marazion Marshes when the Bittern obliged by flying overhead.
Seventh and last was the Purple Sandpiper at Jubilee Pool Penzance.

The Long-tailed Duck, Cattle Egret and Bittern were all Life Ticks.
The Purple Sandpiper was my hundredth this year.


  1. When I were a lad I dreamed of birdspotting days like that! 3 lifers? - get in!

  2. 100 in less than a month Trevor thas brilliant going, and still the Spring and Autum to come, Crack on.

  3. Thanks Stuart...I think that is nine this month.

  4. Hi Monts. A very good start to the year..I hope we can keep the momentum up throughout the next eleven months.


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