Monday, 25 January 2010

Penzance Waders

Turnstone .........................Arenaria interpes
Purple Sandpiper ..............Calidris maritima


  1. Turnstone: beautifully done! I thought "Ray of sunshine" as there is a lovely quality to the light on the bird.

    Purple Sand: "Ok! I'm coming in! Just let me acclimatise!". Love the framing - another "contemplative" shot.

  2. Two more lovely photos here Trevor! I also enjoyed the previous posts and have never even heard of the Coscoroba Swan before! Lovely photo of the Wren, at least there is one bird amongst this lot that I have seen :)

  3. Thanks Stuart.
    For your in depth comments and fine usage of the English lanquage.

  4. Hello Jan.
    I confess I have never heard of it either. There are a lot of weird and wonderful birds at Slimbridge. I seem to be seeing Wrens everywhere this year whereas last year I hardly ever saw one.


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