Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Through the Looking Glass.

Taken through the observatory window at Slimbridge.


  1. For a soundtrack, what about Wagner or Dambusters?
    How do you keep getting these original shots?

    P.S. See the old list is getting more "respectable". LOL!

  2. 脾氣與嘴巴不好,就算心地再好,也不算好人~~~..................................................

  3. Hihi, great. Look like heavy bombers.

  4. A great and comical shot, it made me laugh when I enlarged it!

    Glad you have seen the Firecrest again and regarding your earlier reply. I would love to go to Slimbridge, it is years since I went but although it is not that far away it would bring up the old problem of having to leave Louis (our dog) for just that bit too long. However, I have just looked at the AA route planner and wonder if we might just manage it...

  5. Hi Stuart. The Dambusters...I like it.
    Yes it had a timely boost.

  6. Hello Richard. Yes you are right.

  7. Hi Jan.

    Actually I was a good eight feet from the window and it was around 1600hrs and the light fading while we waited for the Starling display and roost. It was the only one I took. I must admit I was very surprised how it turned out. Got lucky I guess. We have the same problem with Hesper but we do have a dog watcher so it makes life easier.


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