Monday, 11 January 2010

Garden Songster

Song Thrush .........Turdus philomelos


  1. Did any of the "Romantics" wax lyrical about this beauty (or Blackbird for that matter)? Nightingales are loud but not that attractive to my ear.
    Another unusual pose - captures something of the essence of the bird (unlike most "traditional" portraits).

  2. I think the veritable poet Lord Moore of Raveningham penned an Ode to a Blackbird.

  3. A beautiful photo of a beautiful bird Trevor. I was heartbroken when 'mine' was taken by the neighbour's darned cat back in the Spring.

  4. Hi Jan

    Ours went missing for six months or more before this welcome visitor stopped by. Nature is very cruel..but we have to accept it even though it is hard when it is close at home. We experienced the same sort of thing last year with a neighbours cat. The cat moved with them and now we have a relative peace as the remaining cats are not in the same league as hunters.


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