Monday, 14 December 2009

Visiting Again.

Song Thrush ..........Turdus philomelos
The return of our old friends continues with the arrival today of a Song Thrush. Although Angie has heard them ...they have not been seen in the garden for a good few months or more.
Maybe he/she will hang around for a while now....hope so.


  1. I'm sure these birds know we're in for a tough winter Trevor.
    Cracking shot, and a great visitor to add to the garden.

  2. Nice shot Trevor I am sure they know that they are going to be well looked after buy you both.

  3. Keith. I think you could well be right. It saves energy if you know where the *Truck Stop* is.

  4. Hello Keith.

    I do think a lot of our all year birds do rely on our feeders especially during the winter months. It would be interesting to know if the resent arrivals are returning birds or new ones.


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