Sunday, 13 December 2009

Scrubbed up and on the Pull.

Chaffinch ......Fringilla coelebs


  1. A lovely photo Trevor and an amazing list of garden visitors on the previous post! I have just been looking at Angie's photos, what an impressive array.

  2. Thanks Jan.
    Yes she pulled some good shots out yesterday considering the conditions. I was so pleased when she told me about the G.S Woodpecker but he was to quick for her so we still haven't got a garden shot of one. I still need to photograph the female Blackcap and I do believe she is prettier than the male..unusual in the bird world.

  3. I always like a bit of the old "reversed sexual dimorphism"!

  4. Hello Abbot, I would be honoured If you would browse your eyes through my last post about the Iberian Linx.
    Great photo (as always)!


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