Monday, 16 November 2009


Stonechat .........Saxicola torquata
Photographed yesterday. Par Dunes.


  1. Hi Trevor, a good one. I can't seem to get them, they are strange. I have one on my other site, filmed 2006 but none since.

  2. Lovely shot Trevor. Only ever seen one, from a great distance.

  3. Just catching up with your last few posts Trevor and must say some great stuff there. Really like the Robin great soft focus shot.

  4. Beautiful photo! Yet another bird I have never seen but I don't think it is too likely in my area.

  5. Hi Bob.
    I love 'em...they always show for me.

  6. Hi Keith.
    How strange. It just goes to show the difference between coastal and landlocked sites...they are miles apart in the bird stakes.

  7. Hi Monts.
    Thanks for the comment. Hope you are enjoying yourself now.

  8. Hi SSB.
    You like Keith are landlocked and I suppose the Stonechat is a rare bird your way.
    A pair of them greet me most morning if I arrive around the 1000 hrs at the site. By the ammount of photographs I put up of them you will know one as soon as you see it.
    Have you tried turning the tripod ring around to the front on your Sigma Lens? Angie has the same lens and it makes carrying it easy as it is nicely balanced.


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