Sunday, 15 November 2009

One from the Wilds

Dunnock....Prunella modularis


  1. A beautiful photo. I hope the weather hasn't given you too much of a battering!

  2. I wish to get a nice camera and an even nicer lens to picture birds as beautifully as you've done!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  3. You have a lot of birdies out there that also breed here.
    It´s only a shame that at all the places where I find these particular species soon or later the terrains are sold to built buildings.

  4. Hello SSB.
    Well it most certainly curtailed a lot of photographic activity. Yesterday morning was nice and bright but today it is back to rain and grey skies. The Dunnock was photographed yesterday .

  5. Hi Kcalpesh. Then we would not get to see your marvellous temple and landscape shots.

  6. Hi bonequinhoda. I think this is happening in most countries of the world. The *dollar* is still king.


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