Saturday, 3 October 2009

Marazion Marshes Nature Reserve.

Little Egret .....Egretta garzetta
Photographed at Marazion Marshes


  1. Another bird I have never seen and as for the Wryneck on the previous post...I would so love to see that. Both lovely photos I thought!

    You have so many lovely places to visit in your area, I am very envious ;)

  2. Nice shot. I can never close to these, always too far away lol

  3. Yes, I agree with Keith, I can never get so close.

  4. Hello SSB.
    The Wryneck was a lifer for me and it was very enjoyable when we finally saw it.

    I would agree with you about the lovely places to visit in Cornwall. I think we have it all. The seawatching being exceptionally good at certain times in the year.

  5. Hi Keith and Bob.

    The photo above was taken from the roadside footpath at Marazion. I have been a lot closer to one at Par which decided to fish the pool margin right in front of me. I am sure you are both photographing birds I cannot get within twenty yards of.

  6. Good shot Trevor, Its not easy to get a good shot from there well done


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