Friday, 2 October 2009


Wryneck .........Jynx torquilla
Photographed at St Levan.
The Wryneck was two foot into a thicket so getting a clean shot was impossible.
My lens *hunted* and I had to resort to manual focus which I am not at all confident with.
The result is a noisy record shot of a bird Angie and myself set out to see ...that ended up successful.


  1. Great shot,well done Trevor.
    Another amazing bird to your list.

  2. What's your problem, this is good.

  3. A great capture I'd say. Well done. Another bird I'd love to see.

  4. Thanks John.

    I felt the bird was around but Angie found it

  5. Thanks Adrian.

    I would agree with it being a difficult shot to execute well as the bird was inside the thicket with twigs and leaves obscuring a clear view. lens started hunting and would not focus so reluctantly I tried manual knowing I faced a stiff task as my eyes are not that good and my glasses were in my pocket. I am pleased I got the shot.

  6. Hi Keith.

    Not an easy bird to find but very rewarding when you do.


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