Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Wagtail Marizion Beach

Pied Wagtail ......................Montacilla alba
We were searching for the reported Citrine Wagtail at Marazion. This Wagtail flew over our heads and landed on the beach. It was a question of shoot first...identify later.
Some you win..some you lose.


  1. Trevor,the wagtail is on Marazion Marsh.
    Not on the beach.
    Your Pied looks fantastic.

  2. 'shoot first...identify later' my motto too lol
    Great shot.

  3. Hi John.
    This one flew from the direction of the Marches so I photographed it....although I would probably have still done it if it hadn't.
    At the time we were looking for the Sandpiper.
    I am not sure where the standing stone is John...is it towards the town centre?
    We did see the Baird's ..so it was worthwhile.

  4. Hi Keith.
    A good motto. Also the record shot comes first ..then worry about the settings if you get further chances.

  5. Hi Trevor grat shot of the Wagtail I hope the sun is coming back to visit for a few weeks

  6. Yes I hope so Keith. I guess you will be out sailing over the weekend if it does. Far too many dull and dismal days this year...now when we were young.....:-)

  7. Go into Marazion Marsh opposite the charity carpark,follow the right-hand path around alongside the reed beds and the granite standing stone is at the end next to the mud wall. The Wagtail is usually seen near the sanctuary sign or on the Island in the middle of the water. As far as know it never goes to the beach.

  8. Thanks for the info John.
    Now I have never seen the stone, mud wall or the sanctuary sign and always believed everything was viewed from the roadside.... no wonder we dipped.

  9. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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