Monday, 7 September 2009

Feeding on the Berries


  1. I'm playing catch up again! Just looked through your last posts and all the photos are beautiful and how nice to see the humble House Sparrow featured, they used to be easily the most common bird seen in our garden but for some years now they have declined dramatically. However during the last year I have started to see a few visting again.

  2. Hi ShySongbird.
    I think the same thing is happening around the UK with the House Sparrows making a come back.
    We have a rather largish number of visitors each day but it is so difficult to know exactly how many... at a guess I would say between ten and twenty. They are probably out numbered by the Starlings which do daily damage to our feeding stations.

  3. Hi Keith.

    Yes they are.
    Often overlooked as photographic material.


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