Thursday, 20 August 2009

Large Gulls

Great Black-backed Gull ..................Larus marinus

Lesser Black-backed Gull .................Larus fuscus

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between the GBBG and the LBBG is the smaller LBBG has yellow legs unlike the pink of the larger gull.


  1. Identifying various Gulls is something I always have trouble with, along with Waders. Shame they don’t wear name tags lol

  2. Yes I agree with you on this one especially during the various stages of growth..the younger gulls are very difficult. Some of the waders also look very similiar although not quite so confusing as the gulls they still require good ID skills.
    Seawatching is also an area where great skill is required and can only be learnt by regular visits
    with an experienced watcher or all you will record is little black blobs.


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