Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Carrion Crow

Carrion Crow...................Corvus corone corone


  1. Hey Trev
    Good crow shot, hows the news on the camera , hope its good.

  2. Thanks Monty.

    I have not heard anything yet which leads me to suspect it will not be a simple job. I will post up any news I get from Steve as soon as I get it.
    Needless to say I am totally lost now without it.
    Thanks for enquiring.

  3. Just been catching up with your last few posts and I loved all the photos. The cross-eyed butterfly made me laugh and I love the LTTs, I haven't seen any in the garden since the Spring but if I remember correctly they disappeared early last Summer and then reappeared later in the year. I do like the humour in some of your posts too.

  4. The same thing happens down this way with the LTT's. Between now and Spring is the time we start looking forward to the return of the old faithfuls. Blackcaps,Firecrests ,Goldcrests,Bullfinchs, Jays and Siskins are just some we hope will return again. This year we are hoping to add Nuthatch to the garden list.


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