Friday, 28 August 2009

Blue Tit


  1. Love that photo. I can just hear the BT thinking - just when is this feeder going to be topped up :)

  2. Hi Midmarsh John

    I put in a mixture of Sunflower Hearts and the Black Sunflower seeds. The hearts are always the first to fools these birds.

  3. This is not as sharp as your normal high standard. I think it has to do with light. Not being a funny person...spelt with an F ending in ker. I have endless problems with light affecting lenses, that's what they are there for but if I shoot manual and decide on depth of field say go for f16, or go for speed and go for f3.5 the results appear to depend on the light quality. Do you find this? have started using ISO as my main adjustment now. Be glad when digital comes of age!

  4. I agree about the sharpness but I hope it is just the slow shutter speed 1/60 hand held at 400mm.
    The light quality in our small garden is very poor as you are always shooting into a dark woodland area..often the ISO (on auto) is cranked up to get an acceptable shot. Tomorrow I am going on a little birding expedition and out of the confines of the garden I will put it through its paces. Hopefully we will get some decent light.


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