Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Peanuts and Jay

Jay ..........Garrulus glandarius


  1. Never seen a Jay in my life, heading down to Devon, maybe then. Thanks for the photograph, they rarely look as good in books. Quite a big thing. An engineer and navigator all my life I love taking the time to observe my fellow inhabitants of this world.

  2. Great capture of such a usually shy bird.

  3. Hi Adrian.
    I think the best time to see them is in the Autumn and Winter when the leaves have dropped.
    They do appear to be coming to a peanut feeder more often. Generally speaking if there are acorns about then the Jay will be close by.

  4. Thanks. holdingmoments.

    Yes they are very shy but I think given time they will adapt to the garden feeder along with the Magpies and Starlings.

  5. My Jay was a whole lot scruffier and looked a bit put out that someone else had been at the feeder:
    We had one, then two together, then three so we we think the third was their youngster. They were with us all spring and it was a delight to watch. I was so disappointed when they 'left home'. Where do they go to I wonder?


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