Thursday, 26 February 2009

The night sky has long since fallen....

but... the earth is still alive... in my garden anyway.
Over the last few evenings I have noticed changes at night. Whereas during winter 'night' really means night and all fall's silent after dusk, now there is life! I have only ventured out for stolen moments each evening (with tonight being no exception), but every time I have been fortunate enough to hear a lone Blackbird making a fuss in the bush, which is covered in ivy. I know he's not alone though! Surrounded by companions I suspect, huddled up to keep warm, and at dawn they will venture out to become strangers, dualling for their mates.
I also hear the feint cries of what I think are mice.
Soon the Robins will be singing at 11pm and throughout the night... keeping me awake in anticipation for morning and wondering how they manage to stay awake throughout the day and be such adequate parents to their young!

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