Thursday, 26 February 2009

Spring bloomers... Kiss-chase... All in a day...

Before I get to the most important subject of watching birds I just have to mention the other little things that make my time in the garden so pleasant. From where I am seated in the morning I cast my eyes upon the signs of Spring in abundance. The Rosemary in my herb area is in flower. In my Woodland Glen are delicate Crocus, Snowdrop and Primrose in full bloom. All around me, Polyanthus bursting with exotic colours, along with Narcissi and Daffodil. When I glance at them my heart dances. (Sorry... its that romantic thing again!).
Enough of that and back to birds.
4.16am - I woke to hear 2 Robins singing... I lay still to listen and ponder on the images of them in my mind.
Not having slept much, at 6.20am I was out filling the feeders and I discovered this morning what a dangerous job it is. I heard a commotion and looked up to see the silhouettes of about 8 Blackbirds bombing towards me at record breaking speed and screaming like banshees! They flew passed, narrowly missing my head and crash landed in the bushes (still screaming and making a fuss). Its like watching a game of Rugby! Eventually they burnt themselves out and the garden was once again peaceful. I wonder if that’s what its like having kids!
What a lovely morning was my thought, as I sat in my favourite watching spot (a little further away from the house than usual in a bid to avoid more splats on my head!).
My list began: Blackbird 8, Carrion Crow 2, Robin 1, Woodpigeon 4, Magpie 3, H Gull 2, Dunnock 1, Blackcap (M & F), Gt Tit 2, Starling 9, Chaffinch 2, H Sparrow 8, Coal Tit 2, Goldfinch 4, Songthrush 1, Blue Tit 1, LT Tits 2, Jay (heard & saw the silhouette), Bullfinch (heard), Firecrest 1 (still here and making my day).
There were also 2 Coal Tits, definitely mating; Flitting around as if dancing on air... I remember that feeling... just about! I managed to follow them with my bins and that's an achievement because they move so fast when they are excited! It would be nice to catch on film I thought to myself, and they really do look like they are playing kiss-chase.
Sorry - no more romance, I promise.
The Mouse arrived to clear up the suet droppings. Save’s me having to watch the dog when she's in the garden. She’ll eat anything. I’m sure that’s what was making her ill!
Then came the Squirrel - he fed for about 20 minutes - and what did he come for? No, not the Abbot’s nuts, but my berry suet. Coupled with the Starlings I’ll be going bankrupt buying those pellets! Time for work :-(
At lunchtime I sat in the garden for 10 minutes and had: Blue Tit 1, LT Tit 4, Blackbird 4, Starling 3, Gt Tit 2, Robin 1, Dunnock 1, Coal Tit 2, Chaffinch 2, Woodpigeon 1, H Sparrow 3 and Firecrest.
Saw 2 Jackdaw on the way back to work.
The Abbot informs me that he has added to the day list with: Greenfinch (feeding) and Goldfinch (feeding).
Watching birds requires dedication, passion and time in abundance. Regretfully, I do not have the latter, but I make up for it with the other two!
Its all in a day.


  1. You have a good number of birds in your garden it must be a great way to start the day

  2. It is the ONLY way to start the day Keith! I never feel disappointed on my way to work. I have a very small garden but with a good backdrop for the birds to exist within. I feel very fortunate. Thanks.


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