Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Marazion Marshes

Redwing ......Turdus iliacus

Snipe.....Gallinago gallinago

Pintail (Drake) .......Anas acuta

Mute Swan.....Cygnus olor

All taken at Marazion Marshes last Saturday.
I had knocked the image stabilizer off accidentally so I was rather disappointed with the finished articles.


  1. I'd be more than happy with these Trevor.
    Redwing and Snipe are crackers.

  2. What a Saturday you had. Viewed large these are sharp as a pin. I usually do the opposite and leave the IS on whilst using a tripod. No it isn't a case of belt and braces it's a disaster.

  3. http://dl3mashael.blogspot.com/2011/02/major-canadian-christian-missionary.html

  4. Thank you Keith.
    They should have been better though.

  5. Adrian
    It is so easy to forget to switch back after using a tripod. Naturally we should check all is as it should be before we start photographing....but we all often do not.


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