Monday, 31 January 2011

The Big Six

I had my first daytime visit to Penrice and although I had only a 45 minute window I was hoping to connect with some of the *Big Six*.

Great Spotted Woodpecker..Generally it is the female that appears but I have seen and photographed both.
Green Woodpecker.... I have had only a brief glimpse of it but never managed to photograph it.
Nuthatch... A lot of photographs of this fast bird.
Buzzard. .. A very light coloured one has been seen but never photographed.
Jay.... A cautious bird that plays tantalising games with me. I am confident that another close-up will be taken in due course.
Pheasant... A friendly colourful bird that I am always glad to see .

The first one to appear was the male Pheasant and I was glad it had survived any shoots that may have been in the area. It posed for a full length photograph and I could almost hear it saying ..."make sure you get my tail in Mr Moore"
Robins, Blue Tit and Great Tit also came down to the feeder plus a blackbird which although there are plenty about ...normally give the site a miss whilst I am there.
A rustling in the bushes gave me my first indication the Jay was on the scene. I got ready for it to appear in the open but it decided to fly off into a tree...I grabbed a record shot. That was the only time it came into full view. It kept creeping back into the bushes but would not venture out. This was basically a replica of last years game of hide and seek. No doubt as soon as it saw me drive off he would have swooped down .
So only two out of six but I was well pleased with that.
There were also many Redwings and Blackbirds searching the leaf mould beneath the canopy.

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