Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Song Thrush

Song Thrush .......Turdus philomelos
I went out hoping to find a Marsh Tit or two. Unfortunately they were absent along with the Coal Tits.
Still all was not lost as the Song Thrush was a new visitor to the Hard Rock Cafe.


  1. Always a welcome visitor. Not as common as they once were.

  2. What an image. This may sound dumb but is there an easy way to differentiate between a Song Thrush and a Mistle Thrush?

  3. A beautiful bird the Song Thrush. Like Keith says, there aren't as many as they were.

  4. He's beautiful Trevor, well composed and perfect light! Happy Holidays, Linda

  5. Hello Keith.
    I am sure that applies to a number of our birds...Skylarks Sparrows Etc. New farming methods,woodland clearing and all soughts of modern factors are responsible for the decline of a lot of our birds.

  6. Hi Adrian.
    Not easy until you have seen a few.
    The Mistle Thrush is larger....not much help really.
    The grey brown upperparts are probably the best way along with rounded spots rather than the arrowheads of the Song Thrush.

  7. Thanks Bob.

    One of the bird watchers favourite birds I am told.

  8. Thanks Linda for the nice comment.
    Greetings and best wishes from the UK.


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