Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fort Copse Settlement

In preparation for the winter months ahead the settlement will have a number of changes made.
The outer SW facing fence looks out on to a mainly deciduous wood with a few odd evergreens scattered around.
The main lookout posts are all situated along the outer perimeter with smaller version above the new Mousetrap Farm which is just inside the fence on the far left of the settlement…..looking out towards the wood.
A little way inward is the Abbot’s Bar and the Alecto high rise restaurant..

Along the right hand corner is Elfland which has small Conifers growing outside to the right with a clump of tall bamboo in front just beyond the fence.
I am hoping the Farm will atract Firecrest, Goldcrest ,Blackcap and Wrens along with some of the other residents.
Elfland is still at the drawing board more anon.
The outside fence will have to be re-fortified also any other area that is considered a potential danger.

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