Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pheasant. Heligan

Pheasant (female) .........Phasianus colchicus


  1. Hi Trevor nice pheasant, went to Heligan today but only had a brief glimpse for a few seconds.

  2. Nice Pheasant Trevor, I am glad you saw the Green Heron.

  3. Nice bird! Few days ago I had such a pheasant in my garden. There is a large number of them in my region and even in my town.

  4. Hello Monts.

    Glad you saw it. I really only saw it briefly and the photograph was the worst I have ever published on the Blog......sure wish I hadn't.

  5. Thanks Keith.
    I always think of you when I put up a Pheasant.
    Hope things are improving for you.

  6. Thanks Sam and Lisa.
    Well quiet frankly if it had not been for Derek and Colin I doubt I would have seen it. While I was fiddling with the camera settings for a better photograph ( could not have been any worse) It vanished and I never saw it again.

  7. Hi bagafarna.

    Yes and the male is very coloutful indeed.
    I would like one in my garden also.


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