Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Birds at Fort Copse

Blackcap (female) ........Sylvia atricapilla

Blackcap (male) .........Sylvia atricapilla

Firecrest .......Regulus ignicapillus

Goldcrest .....Regulus regulus

This time of year I look forward to the return of our rarer garden birds.
The Blackcaps should be first to arrive followed by the Goldcrest and (hopefully) the Firecrest.
Probably the last two will be in the middle of December.
Recently we had a record number of eight Long-tailed tits visit the feeder ....also the record for Goldfinches has risen to six.
Most of the visitors have increased this year especially the Tits. The only really decline has been with the Greenfinches which have been very few and far between.


  1. Lovely selection Trevor, especially those Blackcaps.

  2. Hi A & T, I remember these images from last winter and they are brilliant. I love the winter birds but the dark evenings are yuk.

  3. Great shots abbot....and nice colors.

    regards, Joop

  4. They are beautiful birds, and the Blackcaps are the best. I have noticed the demise of the Greenfinches, I hope that they can weather the storm, ie that disease.

  5. Excelenta serie,bine lucrat,felicitari.

  6. Super shots Trevor, Yes its that time of the year again when we all look forward to the winter visitors.

  7. Lovely bird shots with the nice softened background! Enjoy Autumn and bird season, cheers

  8. Thanks Keith. Looking forward to their return.

  9. Hello Sam and Lisa.

    I do tend to get out and about more in the winter months. I can see them better.

  10. Thank you Joop.
    Regards from the UK.

  11. Hi fotolucian

    Vă mulţumesc foarte mult pentru comentariu. Ele sunt foarte mult apreciate.
    Ceea ce priveşte de la U.K

  12. Hi Monts.
    Hope you are keeping well. I do tend to see and find more birds during the winter months. It has been a poor summer birding for Angie and myself.

  13. Hello Linda.

    It is nice to hear from you again. I must pay you a visit in return.


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