Saturday, 10 July 2010

Just A Jay.

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Jay ........Garrulus glandarius
This last week at Penrice has seen the disappearance of nearly all the small Woodland birds.
Coal Tits , Great Tits, Blue Tits and Chaffinch have all stayed away from the feeding station. Also the regular Nuthatches and the female Great Spotted Woodpecker have also vanished.
An hours watch today yielded up a lone Robin, The ubiquitous male Pheasant and a quick visit by the Jay which was captured above.


  1. Hello Abott

    Again a very nice picture !

    greetings from Holland, Joop

  2. Trevor, that is a cracker. I'd love to get half as close as that, with this bird.

  3. Hi Trevor just caught up with your last few posts, the Jay is a cracker, and those Gull shots are superb.

  4. Hello Claudia.
    Thank you for popping over and leaving a nice comment

  5. Thank you Joop.

    Hope you are keeping well.
    Greeting to all in Holland from the UK.

  6. Hi Keith. It is funny really with this Jay...I photographed him again yesterday looking down at me from the trees and again on the floor. Cannot keep putting them up though as people will think they are from the same shoot.

  7. Thanks Monts.

    I still need a lot of the Gulls for life ticks...but it is not easy identifying them when they are in mixed flocks. Ringed Bill and Glaucous Gulls next I hope.

  8. Thanks Jan.

    I am going to have to get a different shot soon.

  9. Very nice bird, pretty different from our Jay! Great blog ;)


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