Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Kestrel ........Falco tinnunculus.

The Kestrel appeared to be feeding on Beetles rather than the small mammals generally thought to be the main food source.


  1. I am completely confused, Trevor! I KNOW I commented on your lovely Pheasant, I even remember the other blogger comments but now there is no sign. I distinctly remember writing 'Pretty, pretty, pretty! I just love it' I can't remember what else I put but I definitely commented...hmm...I wonder if I did the old trick of previewing and then not hitting publish... :( Anyway, as you can tell I was very impressed with that capture, how colourful it looked with the Bluebells :) a dream shot!

    The Kestrel photo is great, much better than I managed and the Woodpecker on the last post is lovely too, beautifully posed!

  2. Nice photo Trev. Kestrels have quite a varied diet and eat beetles etc as well as the odd Lizard and small bird!

  3. Yet another great image.
    Stunning,love your Header.

  4. Hi Jan.

    It happens to us all at some point in time.
    I am quite critical of my own photographs but I do like the shot of the Pheasant. The medley of colours seem to harmonise really well. The Kestrel is okay but nothing special..I feel I should have done better. The Woody is quite a character and I have had some ding dong battles.. with the bird winning most. But I did fool her on this occasion and it gave me great pleasure.

  5. Hi Paul. Hope you are keeping well.
    This Kestrel seemed to be making heavy weather of finding a meal...I am sure it used up more energy finding that beetle than the kill gave it.

  6. Hi JR and Sue.

    Thanks John. You must have quite an impressive World List now with your latest haul.
    Hope to meet you again in the near future.

  7. Hello Bob.

    How is life at the Forest of Dean? I am seriously hoping to pay it a visit in the near future. Thanks again for your comment.


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