Monday, 7 June 2010

Jay Watch.

Jay .....Garrulus glandarius


  1. Wow Trevor; these are stunning captures. Perfectly framed and focused between the grass.

  2. Nice shots Tony, you must been very close?

  3. These are beautiful, Trevor! I haven't seen a Jay for some time...heard them but not seen.

    Nice pic of the male Beautiful D on the last post. I only really started looking at damsels and dragons last year, they are attractive little creatures.

  4. Hello Keith. The Jay actually came closer but the image I took was not sharp. I was very surprised when I looked at them as the woods has a canopy which blocks out most of the light so I am shooting slow shutter speed and high ISO. I have experienced this with the other two species I stalk...Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker. The close range shots are useless but the distance ones okay. Strange. The only close range shots that are always exceptable are the Pheasant.

  5. Hi Bob. About 15ft I guess...he was watching me through the grass..before moving within 7-8ft of me. The resulting shot was very he/she won that battle.

  6. Hi Jan.

    I seem to be seeing quite a few this is the same with the Nuthatch.

    Well I have never taken much notice of them before but after seeing the photographs I shall try to capture a few more of them. They sure are attractive.


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