Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Jay Watch Latest.

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Eurasian Jay .......Garrulus glandarius

There is a canopy of trees overhead which makes shooting conditions pretty dismal at times .
The photograph was taken at the 330mm zoom setting. Iso 1600. F8 at 1/30 sec from inside the car ...given the poor light I am happy with the outcome.

The Jay is getting that close..I think it wants a ride in the car.


  1. That Jay really takes the biscuit. I've trying to get one - the pics were not available. Its good to see yours,

  2. Great shot Trevor , looks like you have a real poser there .Well Done

  3. A cracking shot Trevor. I think you've found a friend there lol

  4. I do love the Jay watch posts, Trevor. It is so long since I have seen one!

    I'm very envious of the Yellowhammer photo on the last post. I took dozens of photos of one on a telegraph wire the other day but it was very late and the light had gone so none of them were good :(

  5. Hello Bob.

    Thanks for the comment...he plays up a lot but I manage to get a shot most days I go there.

  6. Thanks Monts. Not intentionally...he is generally on a quick grab and run raid.

  7. Hi Keith.

    Maybe you are right. It is fun watching the antics of the Jay, G.S Woodpecker and the Squirrel.

  8. Hi Jan.

    I am lucky with the Jay as they are not usually so easy to photograph. The Yellowhammer I happened again to be in the right place at the right time with a few of them singing from Gorse bushes and posts.. Normally I get the poor shots on the telegraph wire as well....when you reflect on it ..most shots taken on the telegraph wires are poor...think Swallows, Goldfinches etc.


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