Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Contented Squirrel.


  1. Yes Trevor it sure looks happy there having its lunch.

  2. Nice pic! Cute critters as long as they know their place. No peaceful lunch at the birdfeeder at my place though. The dogs make sure of that.

  3. Hi Trevor just caught up on your last few posts and some lovely images esp the Jays and Damselflies, but I like the Female Pheasant.

  4. It certainly does look contented and very sweet too!

    Just caught up since 'Jay watch' and enjoyed all of the photos but particularly the Linnet and the GSW, lovely!

  5. Lovely picture.....well done Trevor.

    gretings, Joop

  6. Hi Keith.

    Quite a character this one..and getting bolder by the day.

  7. Hi Filka.
    Welcome to the blog and thank you for the comment.

  8. Hi bagafarna.(Poland)

    Yes very interesting to watch.
    Greeting to all in Poland from the UK.

  9. Hello Hilke Breder

    Thank you.
    Our garden Squirrel has gone AWOL the last few weeks but I suppose it will be returning soon enough to create more havoc.

  10. Hi Jan. Hope you are keeping well.

    The Jay, G.S Woodpecker,Nuthatches and Pheasants have been very productive at the moment and I can almost bank on seeing at least three of them every visit. They are getting a lot bolder and more tolerant of my presence.

  11. Hi Joop.
    Greeting to all in Holland from the UK.

  12. Hello Monts.

    The female Pheasant is not in the same colourful class of plumage as the male but is not as easy to photograph as it appears a lot more timid.
    Saying that.they have both got use to me and no longer take any notice of me...maybe because they know I provide the food they are eating.


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