Friday, 7 May 2010

A Quiet Moment.

Wren...Troglodytes troglodytes


  1. Big name, and big character, for such a small bird.
    He looks like he's winking at you Trevor. :)

  2. All the birds pose so beautifully for you, Trevor. If I see a Wren it is usually skulking around in the undergrowth! The Willow Warbler on the previous post is a beauty too. I love the one with the nesting material. Great photos!

  3. Me encanta el encuadre de esta preciosa foto.



  4. Another great shot, pure poetry.
    Man, i love these little guys but this little one sleeping is quite heart warming.
    Thank´s Trevor, keep it up, what else can i say ?

  5. Hi. Keith.

    Yes on the enlarged version it does look that way .

  6. Thank you Jan.

    I still feel sad about losing one of our garden Wrens and it makes one a little jittery while watching the others. The garden I have named Fort Copse as it is practically cat proof where the feeders are...but unfortunately not by the neighbours fence.

  7. Lourdes y Jesús

    Gracias. Tuve la tentación de que los cultivos en gran medida a ampliar el Wren ... pero yo no le gustó la forma en que estaba. Me alegra que te has also.Thank por el comentario.
    Saludo del Reino Unido.

  8. Hi bonequinhoda bic.
    I rather liked the pose myself so I left it alone and did not heavily crop it. Whether he is sleeping or winking as Keith suggests I do not know..but they are indeed bonny little birds.

    Greeting from the UK.


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