Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Life Ticks

Yesterday's evening visit to Walmsley Sanctuary produced two life ticks.
A Lesser Yellowleg and a Hobby.
I left my camera behind but it did not really make much difference as the Lesser Yellowleg and the pair of perched Hobby's were out of my photographic range.
Still two life ticks sure made up for it.


  1. Well done on the Yellowlegs and the Hobby, Trevor. I confess I had never even heard of a Yellowlegs and would have had no idea what I was looking at had I seen it. I have looked it up now but suspect I will never be lucky enough to see it.

    I am envious of your Dipper sighting on the last post, we don't see them at all here. Lovely photo of the GSW also and your mention of a Jay reminds me that I haven't seen one for some years :(

    I do hope your horrible experience with the cat and the Wren is beginning to fade a little, it is an awful thing to witness. I remember a whole nest of baby Robins being destroyed in our garden some years ago and more recently, last Spring, a lovely Song Thrush was taken.

  2. Thank you Jan. I am still a little apprehensive while I am watching the coming and going in the garden now...I built a sort of Temple on a pile of rotting logs and dead wood purposely to attract the Wren. It has definitely proved a success not only with the small insect eating birds but the others also. Incidently the Wren was at the opposite side of the garden where I am sure it never ventured before. Must have been fate. Keith recently mentioned he would like to see a Dipper and it left me wondering if they are scarce in his and your vicinity. The book I have in front of me states "effectively absent from central and eastern England"
    That explains it then.


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