Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Dipper ....Cinclus cinclus.
A quick grab shot with the lens locked at 150mm.


  1. That's better Trevor. The race is on for a full frame shot.

  2. Great capture Trevor. I've still not seen one of these for years.

  3. Well done Trevor,great capture.
    Nice one.

  4. Hi Adrian. Well I must confess it is not my usual style of photograph. As you are aware the majority of my shots are close-ups but I decided to put it up and see what sort of reaction I got.
    The next frame the Dipper was in flight so I was lucky I got anything.

  5. Hi Keith. I think the secret is finding one and once you know its patch you see them every visit almost. I am not sure how far their territory stretches...I would guess one hundred and fifty yards maximum but I stand to be corrected. Getting close to them is another matter...that is where John's digiscope comes in handy.

  6. Thanks John.
    I feel this is one of the many birds where your set up is best for photography.They do tend to remain still until you break the comfort zone then off they go.Definitely a digiscoping bird.


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