Monday, 8 March 2010

C'mon the Reds.

Robin ........Erithacus rubecula


  1. I always think there is a hint of the melancholy about the Robin's song (though I love it).
    This image captures this exactly Abbot.

  2. Thanks Stuart...unfortunately I have not a clue what they sound like but I am sure I would agree with you if I could hear it.

  3. Sorry Abbot, forgot about that. It is too easy to take these gifts for granted.

    all the best

  4. That is no problem Stuart. I will confess it does sadly curtail my birding experience and of course my social life. Fortunately I did have a limited hearing when I was younger (virtually nothing on the high frequency scale) and did enjoy talking and music. It was probably late forties when things started to get worse and now I am virtually stone deaf. But I still hear music in my head...and I have concerts when I am driving long distances....


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