Tuesday, 16 March 2010

At the Feeder.

Blackcap....Sylvia atricapilla
We now appear to have at least three female and one male Blackcaps in our backyard garden.


  1. What a lovely bird. So great to have them in your garden!

  2. She's a beauty Trevor.

    I usually have a couple, but I've not had any this winter; maybe mine flew down to your place lol

  3. I like them very much! They ar often in my allotment garden, but I have never taken picture of them. In Polish the name of this bird is 'kapturka'.

  4. Yes they are indeed a welcome visitor Bill. This year the numbers have doubled to four.

  5. Thanks Keith. I think they are rather a shy bird and easily spooked.

  6. Hi bagafarna.

    Time to have a go at photographing them...half the battle is getting them into the garden/ allotment.
    You have passed the hard part.


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