Monday, 1 February 2010

Highland Cattle.

Photographed at Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve Somerset.


  1. Hi A & T, The somerset Levels are lovely and the highland cattle are superb.

  2. Great shots of the highland cattle, glad you had a good day on the Somerset levels

  3. Hi Trevor, I have just enjoyed catching up with the posts I have missed in the last few days starting with 'Bigfoot' which made me smile :)

    Nice to see the Coal Tit, I haven't seen one at all in my garden since late last Summer, previously it was a common visitor.

    Lovely photo of the characterful Starling, you can't help liking them despite their bully boy ways!

    Great photo of the Turnstones.

    Sounds like you had a great time at the Somerset Levels, my husband saw a Smew on a small local fishing lake a couple of years ago, unfortunately I wasn't there :(

    Lovely photos of the impressive Highland cattle.

  4. Thanks Sam.

    Hope you and Lisa had a good time at Slimbridge.

  5. Thanks Keith.
    Without an expert guide we would probably have been driving around in circles.

  6. I like your "hippy coos" (as they are sometimes called up here in Scotchland!)

  7. Hi Jan.

    The Smew was the first to be sighted but much too far away to photograph..a lovely bird and a great pity we did not get a closer view. The cattle were just grab shots as it had just started to rain..lovely colour and they seem quite placid.
    A change of scene ..a few life ticks, combined equals a very good day.

  8. Now, here´s the real "Red bull"!!!
    Not the fake impersonation from the energy drink :)

  9. Hi bonequinhoda.

    Well they sure look impressive at close range....never tried the drink.


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