Saturday, 20 February 2010

On the Log Feeder

Coal Tit .........Parus ater


  1. Good pic, what do you put inside the log feeder?

  2. Hi Bob

    Fat Balls or those suet squares.
    The Starlings like them also so they do not last long.

  3. Nice shot Trevor.

    I tried this in my garden a while ago, but the Starlings never gave anything else a chance lol

  4. Lovely to see the Coal Tit, they move so quickly it's not easy to capture them. I have a similar feeder but the Starlings do tend to hog it.

    I also enjoyed the Chiffchaff on the previous post.

  5. Hello Keith. The same thing happens here really...but I think the Goldcrest and Firecrest are partial to it so it is worth the expense to keep them coming.

  6. Hello Jan.
    I agree about the Coal Tit. Maybe it is the colour of the head...They are little spitfires and do not give you two chances. A remote control would be ideal and watch from the distance.


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