Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fly Past

Canada Goose ............Branta canadensis


  1. Lovely group - I like the different "flight attitudes". Turner-esque cloud enhances the composition.

    BTW What gear are you using Abbot?

  2. Hi Stuart.
    Practically all my photographs are taken using a Nikon D300 and NIkor 80-400 mm zoom ED VR.
    I hardly ever use a tripod (Bad I know) and the only tampering with the image is a quick fiddle in Picassa 3 which is very basic.

  3. Thanks, you're doing damn well on it! I don't use a tripod either - it would take me far too long to get my act together.

  4. A lovely composition Trevor!

    I had a feeling my remark about long legged birds could be asking for trouble :)

  5. Hello Bhavesh..thank for the comment.

  6. Hi Jan.
    He He....not to worry.
    I am trying to improve my flight shots and this one was a step in the right direction. Now for the Birds of Prey.


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