Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Chiffchaff & Ivy

Chiffchaff.....Phylloscopus collybita


  1. Lovely photos of a delightful little bird Trevor. I also enjoyed seeing the magnificent Rook, what a character! And the lovely little Stonechat which I don't think I have ever seen here, I don't think we get them at all in this area.

    I noticed a bit of a drop in Greenfinches in the garden a month or two ago but there are lots at the moment trying to dominate the sunflower heart feeders and vying for the perches with each other and with the Goldfinches, as they usually do!

  2. Hi Jan.
    We have a whole colony of them wintering in a valley close by. Getting a good photograph is a different matter. They move about so fast that a clear view is a rarity. Still I am half pleased with the outcome but I hope to better it at some point.
    It must be our garden then...the Greenfinches seemed to have deserted us along with the Collared Doves. Also I have noticed the dwindling number of Blue Tit visitors..but I put this one down to Predators.


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