Saturday, 9 January 2010


Goldcrest .........Regulus regulus
The photograph of the Goldcrest is an improvement on the last one but a long way away from being good.. The bad light conditions and fast movement of the bird has so far defeated me. Hope she (I think) weathers the rough conditions and gives me more opportunities at a later date.


  1. Still, you don't see many full-on shots of the crown like that.

  2. i agree! it's much better than any shot i've ever got of a goldcrest. stunning little birds...

  3. Yeah i would like that too.Still...what great colours !!!
    I believe that it´s a great shot. This is a little bird filled with beauty.

  4. Hi Stuart.
    A lot of luck is needed photographing them as they move about so quickly..most shots have twigs,leaves or something spoiling the view so I guess I got a little lucky.

  5. Hello Estelle.
    I think once you have located the bird you will get a shot of some kind. It is frustrating at times waiting but that is how it works.

  6. Hi bonequinhoda
    They are indeed a pretty little bird if they stay still long enough to give you a look.


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