Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Year ..New Lists.

Life List.

The coming year I hope to add greatly to my life list and pass the two hundred mark.

Rather common birds like Mistle Thrush, Brambling, Tree Sparrow and Green Woodpecker should hopefully soon be added to the list along with Goosander and Jack Snipe.

The Garden List.

Unless we get invaded by Corvids and Gulls it is a little difficult to see what we can hopefully pull in...maybe a Nuthatch if we are really lucky.

The Photographic List.

I am going to try and photograph as many species as possible in 2010 and have set a target of one hundred and twenty.

The Year List

To see as many different species of birds as is possible.


  1. All the best. Starts to get surprisingly difficult to add new birds after about 250 (depending on location and twitchiness!)

  2. Thanks Keith. I doubt we (Angie & myself) will have another Golden Eagle moment but you never know.

  3. Hello Stuart.

    I would really need to pull out the stops to get to that figure...I doubt I ever will now as age catches up and slows me down dramatically.


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