Monday, 21 December 2009

In The Evergreen

Blackbird .........Turdus merula


  1. Hi Trevor nice shot, Julie and I wish Angie and yourself a Very Merry Christmas and that the man in the red coat is kind to you both.

    Keith and Julie.

  2. Beautiful! Can even see the contrast between iris and pupil. Don't mean to break life long habit and get serious but is it a 1st winter bird? Lots of brown in wing but very adult bill colour and eyering.(Apologies - got my anorak on again. Will just appreciate the bird and the shot).

  3. An excellent shot Trevor, and great detail in the feathers.

  4. Thank you Keith.
    We would like to wish Julie and yourself a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
    A 600mm Nikon lens would do nicely and if I may be a little greedy a small Campervan.

  5. Stuart.
    To be perfectly honest...I don't know. I am sure you are better qualified than me to judge as I am a relatively newcomer to the birding world. I am still getting to grips with the fact a Blackcap may have a Brown Cap and a Black-headed Gull is chocolate topped.

  6. Thanks Keith.
    This one patiently posed for a while so even though the shutter speed was slowish it turned out well.


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