Saturday, 5 December 2009

Picture from the Past

Nutty. Photographed early on in the year.
Now we have two seed raiders and they are as angelic as Lara Croft.


  1. Lovely shot Trevor, showing his 'butter wouldn't melt' pose.

  2. Did you know that the european squirrel is disappearing, because of the north american one?.
    This is happening because a lot of north American squirrels bought in pet shops in Europe are later released by the owners into the wild, and these guys occupie the nesting spots of the european squirrel.
    Over here in Portugal another crazy phenomenon is happening, since 2008 I´ve been watching a lot of wild parrots, these parrots were all released into the wild after a bill of protected species was approved and pet shop owners were forbidden from selling some species.And these idiots released these birds, what is interesting is that they are adapting because these days the weather is much warmer probably due to global warming.

  3. Hi Keith.

    Yes ..but he is a wrecker. He has demolished to expensive wooden lantern style feeders and thrown to the ground others.
    We cannot beat him so we feed him on his own peanut feeder.

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  5. hi bonequinhoda

    We have the same thing over here. The Ring -Necked Parakeet (numbering many thousands) have taken over the suburban west outskirts of London. The number of our Red Sqirrels has also dramatically reduced since the introduction of the Grey species.

    9 December 2009 21:12

  6. Parakeets in London?
    Incredible, and some folks still say that there isn´t such a thing as global warmimg.Sure there is! If not how else could tropical birds adapt to a place like England.


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