Thursday, 26 November 2009

Backyard Blackbird.

Blackbird .......Turdus merula


  1. A Mrs Blackbird, so sharp how you do it I don't know. But at least you are teaching me what they are........ Slowly.

  2. A lovely shot of the Blackbird and also of the Pied Wagtail on the previous post which as you say are not easy to photograph well.

  3. Hi Adrian.

    They are quite close as the back garden is rather small. Also they tolerate us because we feed them.

  4. Hello Bhavesh.

    The Blackbirds are numerous in our garden along with House Sparrows ,Starlings and Chaffinches.
    We have had eighteen different species visit us so far..

  5. Thanks SSB.

    Regarding photographing the Pied Wagtails...I am never truly happy with the resultant images of the species although I do post them sometimes on the blog.


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