Friday, 6 November 2009

On the Rocks

Turnstone ....Arenaria interpres


  1. Thought this was one of mine. It's OK now I see him.

  2. What a perfect camouflage by this correctly named bird. I could hardly find it without enlarging the photo!

    Dagdusheth Ganpati

  3. So sorry to have missed commenting on so many of your lovely photos during the last week or so Trevor. Things seem to have conspired against me lately! What with problems with updating Norton Internet Security and trying to put my post together plus other things too boring to mention I have got all behind.

    Anyway I have enjoyed catching up and I see great minds were thinking alike on the butterflies ;) I still have some more to come, late I know but a bit of colour to cheer up the dreary November days! I smiled too when I saw your Meadow Pipit :) I loved the Turnstone with the 'salad'! and 'Foul Weather' made me groan, you are very inventive with your humorous titles. Oh yes, I nearly forgot I also loved the moody looking Spoonbill photo, I would love to see one of those, (another great title on that one also) their bills are amazing!

    Lovely photos throughout Trevor :)

  4. Excellent shot Trevor.
    Enlarged it's even better. Great detail.

  5. Hi Bhavesh.
    Yes they really are more camouflaged than you would think. It is often the movement that gives them away.

  6. Hello SSB. I think with me it was a case of things getting quiet so out comes the butterflies rather than anything else. Regarding the black and white Spoonbill shot I do think it is an aquired taste...I like them but feel most people SEE in colour nowadays. Thank you for your title comments..much appreciated

  7. Thank you Keith.
    Yes I agree in most cases. I always click on photographs when I am viewing other blogs.


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