Thursday, 8 October 2009

Curious Pipit.

Meadow Pipit .......Anthus pratensis
Photographed at St Gothian Sands.


  1. Gorgeous photo Trevor, I love it. I have never seen one :(

    Great shot of the Heron on the previous post too!

  2. So that's what they look like when a proper photographer shoots them, spent half last week to get a couple of awful pictures of one. thanks for posting.

  3. Lovely shot Trevor. Not seen one of these before.

  4. Hi Trevor
    Great Mippit shot,they certainly do pose well at times. Nice capture, well done

  5. Hi SSB.
    I am sure it will not be much longer before you connect with one.

  6. Hi Adrian.

    I get plenty of awful shots that people never get to see. That is the beauty of DSLR you can shoot as many shots as you like and it costs nothing..unlike film.

  7. Hi Keith.
    A holiday down this way and your life list will get a shot in the arm.

  8. Hello Monts.
    Yes he was a poser..not quite as good as the Skylark we took a little while beforehand but a clear second best on the day.


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