Saturday, 19 September 2009

Grey Plover ???

Photographed at Hayle Estuary


  1. Living so far inland I'm not too familiar with water birds but looking through my books, if it is a Grey Plover it seems to be in its Winter plumage but I wonder if it could be the Golden Plover, again in Winter plumage. It seems a little early for Winter plumage in any bird though! Anyway I enlarged the photo and it is beautiful whatever it is :)

  2. Hi Trevor
    Great shot and nice to see the wintering migrants coming back.I do like the waders and wildfowl, well done

  3. I'm pretty useless with wader ID; but that is an excellent picture.

  4. Hi SSB.

    You could be right. I have left the image with a couple of experts and as yet they have not come back to me. It is obvious that there is a shadow of doubt so it could be either at the moment.
    I agree with your comment about the plumage does seem a little early.

    Thanks for the nice comment.

  5. Hi Monts.

    We are getting a steady influx of waders and wildfowl at the Par site and expect a lot more in the coming months.

  6. Thanks Keith.

    I confess I am the same...Gulls, Waders and Wildfowl I am hopeless at identifying. But we can only improve.


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